My New Boot Licker!

  • November 24, 2020

My new boot licker !

On entering my chambers i order my slave to his knees . Clean my boots slave before i collar and leash you .
I want them so clean i can see my face in them !
Looking down at his pathetic efforts i tell him to stop !

Collaring him i order him to resume his position .
You may now suck my heel , from the very tip of my heels down to my soles then run your tongue up my legs .
Once at the top i want you to unzip the zipper with your teeth !
If it’s not done to my high standards i will whip your arse until it is .
When i was happy with the results i put my strapon on and told him to climb over my bench .
Strapping him down i tell him he’s going to suck my cock before i fuck him .
Coming around to the front of the bench .
Suck it , i want it dripping with your spit so i can slide it inside you .
Enjoying my cock in his mouth i pull it out.
Beg me to fuck you !
Of course the begging begins , please mistress i need your cock inside me . please . please .

Be patient slave i will fuck you but not with this cock i’m wearing .
My black virgin strapons soon on and i’m pounding him , he’s loving it telling me to fuck him harder!!
10 minutes later i’m unstrapping him from the bench and ordering him on his knees mouth open . Suck it clean !

Did you like me fucking you?
Nodding i order him to lie on his back head tilted .
Open your mouth you deserve some light refreshments.
I straddle over him peeing straight into his thirsty mouth .
Drink it all up slave any spills on the floor must be licked clean before i allow you to worship my boots again .

Because of his amazing efforts i allow him a reward , i allow him to cum on my boots making sure he cleans them up when he’s finished .
My boots are now very clean , ready for the next boot licker

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