An Extended Discipline Session – A Testimonial

  • August 27, 2020

I visited Mistress V yesterday for an extended discipline session. Mistress V knows me and my needs well so when I said I needed to be punished hard, I knew she would not only oblige but relish in it too.

Knowing I was required to wear a face covering, I arrived with a couple minutes to spare and rang the bell. The door opened and from behind came the order to enter and proceed upstairs. Mistress V followed so it was not until we were on the landing that I saw her. Every time I see this lady, I am stunned by her beauty. Her blonde hair, deep blue eyes and a truly stunning figure are to be beholden and it’s an honour to be in her company let alone have her discipline me.

I was invited to a drink whilst we enjoyed a little social conversation. Little was mentioned about the session itself because we both know she has to take complete control, assess my needs and then deliver the punishment I need. She confirmed, as agreed at my previous session, that she would be videoing some of the session and is something I am pleased to do so that others can appreciate this lady’s talents. With the drink and social chat over, matters became more formal and I was ordered into the room reserved for undressing after which, I was to proceed to the punishment room and wait, kneeling, until she was ready to deal with me.

Mistress V then appeared wearing black boots, black leggings that clung and accentuated her delightful figure and a top affording a respectful view of her breasts and gorgeous cleavage. Still kneeing before her, Mistress V reminded me that she was looking forward to beating me hard and then ordered me onto the bench. After strapping me down tight so that I was unable to move, she placed a leather paddle, a heavy strap and a long narrow polished wooden paddle on the floor in front of me. All implements I knew well.

First was a hand-spanking but do not be fooled into thinking this lady cannot spank hard because her hand lands as if it is a paddle with full force. Then followed floggers, paddles, and implements of various sorts including the leather paddle in front of me. When Mistress V felt I had warmed up enough for discipline to begin, she picked up the heavy strap from the floor. This is one of Mistress V’s favourite implements and she extremely proficient in using it and so a long hard flogging began. Surprisingly, it was not long before I was straining against the restraint and so Mistress V allowed me to rest, gently rubbing my buttocks, which by now were burning, to calm and prepare me for the rest of my discipline. With the break over and the order to ‘Compose yourself’, the flogging resumed followed by the wooden paddle. This implement is mean but like the strap is a favourite of Mistress V so flogging continued alternating between batches with strap and paddle until my buttocks felt ready to explode. Mistress V then reached for her canes, three of them including another favourite, the ‘Red handled cane’. “Count and thank me for 10 strokes from each slave” came the command which I dutifully did. By now, I thought I could not take any more but Mistress V knew better and so with the strap, gave me a final long, hard flogging before announcing discipline was complete and releasing the straps that secured me to the bench.

My last duty of the day was to go to Mistress V’s dressing room, kneel before her and massage her feet. Mistress likes to discuss the session, my performance and the next session with me this way. We both know my discipline is far from complete and so I was advised of my next attendance allowing sufficient time for my buttocks to recover as Mistress V prefers working with a blank canvas. Once dressed, I left feeling very sore, extremely invigorated, grateful and looking forward to next month.

I cannot recommend this lady enough. Apart from being extremely skilled in her art, she is also very knowledgeable in understanding a sub’s needs. Whether a novice or experienced player, this lady cares for her subs and their well-being. Apart from her obvious beauty, she is also beautiful inside and a wonderfully warm and friendly person who values her subs and wants to satisfy their needs. Believe me, if you are thinking of visiting a mistress, make the call. You will not be in safer hands and you will enjoy the experience. You are also likely to kick yourself for not having done so sooner.

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