My new cross dresser

  • August 24, 2020

What a fantastic time I’ve had today.
New cross dresser called for details yesterday asking if I do same day bookings, so was pleasantly surprised when it called to make a booking for today.
We had a brief chat over the phone, reminding it, that I always like to have a pre-session chat before any session begins.

Upon its arrival I gave it a mask to wear through out the session, only taking it off to suck my cock and go in the vac-bed.

Dressing it up in a PVC maids outfit, shoes and wig.
Asking it previously if it had ever had a cock up its arse.
No mistress, I’ve only got a tight arse hole.
putting my surgical gloves on, I lube a couple of fingers and slowly begin to probe its arse, it wasn’t lying its hole was the size of a pin head.
Gently stroking teasing its tiny butt, it relaxes I insert a finger only down to the knuckle.
You like that don’t you, I can tell, pushing yourself onto my finger wanting more
you filthy slut!
We are going downstairs soon and you are going in the vac-bed, once inside I’m going to sit on your face, holding your breath with my warm backside.

Once we’d finished downstairs it was now time to put it in the body bag and wire it to the e-stim.
Once it was securely inside e-stim attached I turn it on, by the sounds it was making I knew it wouldn’t be long before it was exploding, and my what a load it had, it’s a pity I didn’t have any of my other sluts on stand by to clean it up.
Maybe next time 😈😈😈

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