Another fantastic session!

  • December 3, 2020

once my slave was at the top of my stairs,Just one click of my fingers and he’s down on his knees worshipping my high heeled black gloss peep toe shoe , Just enough toe showing to get this dribbling wreck submitting to his queen .

Putting the collar and lease on him I order him to carry on .
Put that tongue of yours to good use slave your going to be using it a lot through your time spent here .
With that i order him to undress .
I lead him over to my fucking bench and cuff his ankles one at each side of the bench .

Standing in between the bench and my slaves face I order him to clean my latex clad arse pushing it right up to his lips . Lick !
Impressed with his licking skills I un-cuff his ankles .
I want you over my bench , time to spread those cheeks . Laughing , Which one first .
I probe his arse with fingers before inserting a slim black strapon , I begin to fuck him , grinding my cock around and around , short sharp thrusts enough to make him move his arse in motion to my cock .
Tell me “do you love my cock sliding deep in side you “ ?
He didn’t need to reply his body told me all i needed to know .

I change my strapon to a larger one my big black rod , making him suck it ! Lube it up slave nice and wet for mistress to pound your arse

Giving him a good hard fucking he couldn’t take it all , you need to do some anal stretching at home before you present yourself to me I want you to take it all for me . You want to become better , become mine

leading him from the bench over to the medical bench I climb onto it on all fours
Get your tongue over here and lick
Pointing my finger at my arse.
Here !
Make a good job of it and I might reward you .
Are you worthy of a reward ?
Putting a condom on his cock I tell him to satisfy himself while i watch
Ejaculating inside it I take it off him and tip. it into his mouth
Licking his lips gratefully .
See you next month 😈

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