A 2 hour session with My new sub

  • November 30, 2020

Opening my door to my new sub I pull him inside .
“Arms behind your back !”
Cuffing him I take him up the stairs
Sit at my feet slave we’re going to have a little chat .
After our chat I order my slave to strip naked and present himself to me .

Lifting his cock with a gloved hand I laugh at the teeny sized piece of skin in my hand .
What’s this ? i let out a little giggle .
Passing him the gas mask , put it on and get over my bench !
Topping the mask up with poppers .
Breath play .
Inhale slave .
I remind my slave that he can take the mask of when ever he’s had enough .

Warming his arse with a mild spanking before i proceed to cane it .
Stroking and squeezing his cock and balls ,pinching them every now and then .

Un-strapping him from the bench I order him on his knees and suck my cock , I’m going to fuck you all over my chambers starting with you over my bannister . Move it !

Giving him a good fucking over the bannister before I put him in front of the fuck machine .

Line your arse up with this cock pushing it deep inside his arse I turn it on . Low at first . slowing increasing the speed he’s gagging for more .
Moaning and groaning I sit on his back so he can’t move . Take that cock ! every inch of it !

When he could take no more we move over to the medical area .
Needles . One of my favourite activities.
Starting with one in his nipple , moving down to his balls I insert 5 then back up the the nipples 4 in each .

In total sub space ,I attach the e-stim and electro sound , he’s mine now he’ll take anything for his mistress
I take the needles out of his balls and up the level on the sounds writhing around I think he’s going to cum so i take the sound out leaving just the e-stim to work it’s magic increasing the level slowly until he was ready .
I rewarded my slave at the end of the session I did push his limits . Kind aren’t I
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