Corporal Punishment Session

  • August 26, 2020

This afternoon’s 2 hour corporal punishment session with my experienced sub.

I love a sub who can take a hard thrashing putting total trust in me and my implements.

Having sessioned with him before I know his limits his body language, the noises of muffled moans.

On presenting himself naked on his knees, he knows what’s about to occur. but he doesn’t know at what level and what implements I decide I’m going to use.

Over the bench slave, after strapping him down tightly I place each instrument down on the floor in front of his face, all in the order of severity.

Look at my choice of implements slave as you’re going to be feeling each and every one one of them, I expect you to thank me after every stroke as I’m now in control, brace yourself slave!

I begin with a spanking hard enough for the blood to rise swapping and changing the level of each slap.

Once his cheeks are a ripe red I gently run my nails over his balls whispering, you’ll take anything for me won’t you slave, you do know you are mine now? Slap! Slap! Slap.

Take each one slave take the pain and the pleasure of such a beautiful mistress inflicting such a cruel punishment, become better, become mine.

The leather strap next, I do love the sound as it echoes around the room, whack whack whack, there’s know point in half measures slave your here to be punished.

Mistress knows what you want and more importantly what you NEED 😈 see you in October

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