Role Play

Cruel Nun Role Play

  • January 5, 2022

Fantastic session with a sub I’ve not seen for over two years. Roleplay I absolutely love it no matter what character I’m playing, today I was to be a cruel nun who inflicts strict punishment!
Kneeling in front of me quivering as it places it’s costume in front of my feet I look down at it, look at me boy! I want you to put your clothes on, do you have the electric hair clippers ? with a nod of its head I order it to pass them to me.

Getting itself dressed in white frilly satin pants and a satin cami top before finishing off with a white over sized mans night gown.

Standing with my hands on my hips I inspect it from head to toe, time for a hair cut! I shave his whole head then order it over my bench, strapping it down tightly I move to the front of the bench and order it to kiss my brown leather strap, kiss it from the handle down boy before it kisses your butt cheeks, laughing out loud as I walk slowly around him, blank canvas now boy but not for long, before he can blink my strap makes contact with its skin, it jumps! “Count each and every stroke boy “!! 30 in total pulling its pants back over its now very red bottom, it’s time for you to put your frilly pink bonnet on and play with your pathetic cock, make sure you clean yourself up without the use of tissue! Pointing at its tongue, it was soon cumming into its white satin pants. Fantastic end to the session

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