Humiliating My slave

  • January 5, 2022

My slave arrives looking rather nervous I pat my chair encouraging him to sit down, let’s have a chat about the session.

After our pre-session chat my slave starts to relax, I order him to strip naked, my shoes need a good shine and you’re tongue is going to do the job licking my shoes heels and soles I’m a happy mistress with his efforts, on your feet slave I want you over my bench it’s time to stretch your arse using my fingers first to loosen him up, putting my smallest strap-on on, I walk to the front of the bench and order him to suck it, teasing him, this is going straight inside you once you’ve given it a good suck!! Laughing as I fuck his mouth. Back round to his hole I slide my cock in as he gasps I tell him the next size is ready, taking my strap-on out I insert the next one a long slim dildo he can’t quite take so I take him from the bench over to the fuck swing, hop on!

Cuffing his ankles once he’s inside the swing, my my slave you’ve stretched enough to take this pushing my long slender cock deep inside him he’s loving as I pump his hole swinging back and fourth until he can take no more, I release his ankles and order him on the floor, open your mouth slave I need a piss he does what he’s told and drinks every last drop without and spilling, you can stay there and pleasure yourself you will then swallow your own waste, sound as he’s told he swallows everything absolutely nothing wasted, well done you see you next month

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