Fantastic 2 hour session

  • August 14, 2021

My slave arrived full of excitement it’s been over two years since his last visit. After our pre session chat, he strips off.Get over my bench slave, strapping him down I begin to spank his bottom before moving onto the strap! He’d never experienced the strap before and my did he love it, making all the right noises as my strap makes contact, I’m going to fuck you when i’ve finished beating you, you only get what you deserve in my presence, bottom glowing I move onto his man pussy sliding a finger in first his hole is very tight so I take my time before inserting two fingers lubing and stretching it. You like that don’t you slave it must be thirsty work, unstrapping him I order him to get on the floor face up mouth open your going to drink every drop without spilling any if you do there are consequences I might just shit in your mouth that’ll teach you how to drink from me.

Over to the medical bench bitch it’s going to be electrifying! Attaching my estim I set it on thrust while my estim gets to work I insert my fingers once again finger fucking its arse he can’t get enough of it.

Lighting a candle I wait for the wax to melt dripping it over its nipples then over its stomach making a wax letter v. Turning up the heat lol I change the setting on the estim to pulse, he’s cock can’t take much more before he explodes, making him clean himself up but not until I piss all over him to cool him down. Fantastic two hour session. See you soon slave

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