My new sub

  • October 6, 2020

I do love meeting new subs , putting there total trust in me as i take them on there new journey .
2 fantastic hours of total power exchange .
I left the dungeon door open once my sub had given me the call to say he’d parked up .

As he came up the stairs , i was looking down on him over the banister , when he’d reached the top of the stairs i was behind him , stop!
Giving him his mask to put on he’s then sent to the bathroom to get washed and changed .
I made myself comfortable while he undressed , a few minutes later and it was in front of me.
Sit down on the floor slave i want you to tell me your previous experiences .
Having had our presession chat , i tell him to go and stand on the bondage board and wait .
Cuffing his ankles to the board i then cuff his wrists behind his back , blindfolded and ear muffs on .
I begin with nipple torture pinching and pulling them before i attach the nipple clamps .
I then grab his balls , he didn’t expect that lol teasing his cock with my leather gloved hands .

Thanking me as i run the pinwheel over his cock and balls .
Good slave , nice and sharp isn’t it ?
I then put my hands over his mouth breathplay , he’s shaking as i’m up close to him , i’ll remove my hands when i’m good and ready slave , counting down from 10 to 6 then bk up to ten .
Breath slave .
Taking him from the board we move onto the bench , over you go , i’m going to have some foreplay with your butt! Before i introduce you to my cock .
Sliding a well lubed finger in , i tell him , i’m going to fuck you nice and slow with my cock but not until you’ve sucked it
Moving to the front of the bench , suck it !!
He was loving my little cock in his eager mouth , right slave it’s now time for your fucking !
When i’ve finished with you , your going in my body bag and i’m going to use your face as my seat , more breathplay slave .
“Thank you Mistress“ , he couldn’t thank me enough throughout the session .
He’ll soon be back for more ..

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