Fantastic session with My new sub!

  • December 15, 2020

What a fantastic session I have had this morning with a new sub.
We’ve been chatting on watsapp for a while until he had finally found the courage to book a session
We’d agreed to a session this thursday , How ever I was quite surprised when he contacted me this morning to bring it forward .
I was excited to play with this new submissive .

Upon climbing the stairway to heaven or be it hell ! I tell my sub to look at the floor as he isn’t worthy of looking at the goddess in front of him
Clean my boots boy !
Down on his knees licking and polishing my boots with his tongue
Telling him to stop once they were cleaned to perfection
Strip off and sit at my heel once your naked
Cuffing his hands behind his back
Get on your feet boy taking him over to my bench as i’m strapping him down I remind of some of our watsapp conversations
“Can you remember telling me you were the boss?”
Laughing my hand comes crashing down on his arse cheeks
who’s the boss?
He can’t talk as he’s to busy sniffing the poppers I had given him
Crack another slap I carried on with these intense slaps until his arse was bright red before bringing in the strap !
Taking him from the bench to the frame I cuff his hands above his head
Spread your legs bitch boy !
Kicking him straight in the balls ! Who’s the boss! Wriggling I grab him by the balls and pull him closer nipping his nipple with my sharp talons
You do want to please me don’t you slave ?
Swish with the whip .
I love the sound of the whip as it makes contact to the flesh
When I was happy with his efforts I take him down from the frame
Get on the floor , your going to drink my piss ive been saving it for you
Open wide and drink it up ! Spill any and I will start on your balls again

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