First Time in the Swing!

  • May 1, 2021

Another beautiful, crisp spring morning to spend in the Chambers of Mistress V – what could be better? During our pre-session chat, Mistress told me it was going to be my first time in the swing today. Woohoo – the day’s got even better already!!

Eschewing the red rope normally used to bind my hands to my side, Mistress proceeded to use a similarly textured soft black rope. Having some loose ends left, my CaB were swiftly ensconced in a series of tight loops, evincing some winces, before the remaining free rope was pulled taut and fastened into the web of rope around my shoulders – talk about an uplifting experience! Pulling the rope around my chest to expose my nipples, Mistress started to tease, first with light strokes then tugs with Her long, manicured nails, before starting to twist and subtly tease the little buds.
As Mistress placed a blindfold around me, i shivered with anticipation, knowing that the next few minutes were going to produce the range of sensations in my skin and nervous system that would start to send me inexorably into subspace. Sharp prickling sensations and an increased weight on my nipples told me that Mistress was using Her nipple clamps, having teased enough growth in the earlier ministrations to find something to grip to. Gently tugging on the clamps, the sensations heightened and were then supplemented as Mistress wafted over the remainder of my skin with what turned out to be a black feather duster, softly caressing my, by now trembling torso, while maintain the pressure on the nipple clamps. A couple of sharp slaps down below reminded me that not everything is soft and fluffy in Mistress’ chambers.

By now, reality was becoming nicely fuzzy as Mistress ordered me onto the inversion table. Having experienced it a few weeks ago, i was comfortable with its operation and soon firmly strapped in, head down at a moderate angle. As Mistress prowled around, every part of me was within Her reach. Nipple torture continued as i was invited to worship Mistress’ delightful derriere, adorned in the most attractive and sexy black lace lingerie. Pausing for a moment, Mistress moved behind me and next think i knew, i was being urged to suck on Mistress’s cvck. Doing my utmost to please Her, i successfully managed to perform the task. But as we all know, Mistress likes to stretch limits, and my mouth was certainly stretched to the limit as Mistress replaced the already significant cvck with a BBC from Her collection. A dentist has never had my mouth as wide open as Mistress managed!!

‘Time for some arse warming’ opined Mistress. Off the inversion table and onto Her bench, arms still bound to my side, and movement restricted at risk of permanent damage around my lower torso, by now thoroughly excited and wanting to play. Manoeuvring carefully into position assisted by Mistress, i was soon strapped down and welcoming the firm feel of Her hand on my buttocks. Mistress alternates randomly between virtual caresses and stinging blows – one never knows what to expect – and just as one seems to settle into a comfortable rhythm, a particular stinger reminds you that You are Here at Mistress’ pleasure and not your own. Mistress then proceeded to use a four tongued paddle, rather than the little ‘Slave’ paddle depicted in some Her superb photo galleries. This object gives 4 whacks for the price of one, but if Mistress exerts Herself (as She did), when the four strike in virtual unison, the thwack is particularly impressive and penetrating. The multi-tongued flogger came next, not a lot of my supine torso being spared its attention. Mistress reaches all those places you might think (or hope) are inaccessible – nothing escapes Her meticulous attention to detail.

Unstrapping me from the bench, i stood trembling as Mistress untied the rope from around me. Gazing into Her blue grey eyes as She stood in front of me, deftly untying the knots, i realised i was totally under Her spell. Mistress truly is a sorceress of seduction. Leading me by the chain attached to my collar, i was soon on my knees at Mistress’ feet, worshipping the blue-grey leather over-the- knee boots. Unzipping one and carefully removing it from Mistress leg, i was privileged to be able to worship Mistress’ delicate feet. Performing the same ritual on the other foot, Mistress then turned me around and rested Her legs on my shoulders while relaxing from Her exertions as i continued to lavish care and attention on Her feet.
Rest over, i was soon kneeling on Mistress’ medical bench as my introduction to the swing commenced. With care and attention, Mistress started to prepare me, lubricating and stretching before introducing me to a soft rubber dildo. Having successfully accepted that and enjoyed the gentle stroking, Mistress produced a somewhat larger version which i confess, i was unable to fully accept. ‘Not to worry’, said Mistress ‘I now know what size will be comfortable for You’. It is this consideration to one’s physical limitations which i think exemplifies Mistress V’s ethos of trying to stretch one’s limits, but with total regard to one’s health and safety.

Ushering me across to the swing, under Mistress’ careful guidance i was soon reposing on my back, re-living my childhood. How high could i ‘beam’ in this was my initial thought, soon replaced by a smile of delight as Mistress approached with a wicked smile on Her face as my legs were cuffed to the frame. Suffice to say, the next minutes passed in a haze of delight as Mistress expertly took my cherry as i gazed into Her eyes, as all parts of my body responded to Her increasingly firm and deep thrusts. With flashing eyes and a broad grin, Mistress exhorted me to greater efforts as i gently rocked backwards and forwards onto Her firm, flesh coloured cvck. After a what seemed like an eternity of pleasure, Mistress slid out of me and unfastened the straps holding my legs apart. ‘Now get down and position yourself in front of my Fvcking Machine’ Mistress commanded.

Moving with as much alacrity as i could, i knelt and soon the soft black cvck of the machine was slowly and rhythmically moving between my buttocks. Always one to offset pleasure with pain and come up with little surprises, Mistress produced a bunch of nettles that She had conveniently lying on a windowsill and started stroking my cvck and balls with them, just as i was getting used to the rhythm and pleasurable sensations. ‘The gift that keeps on giving’ i think Mistress called it. Days later and i can still feel the tingle! Increasing the speed and laying the nettles across my buttocks and down the crack, each thrust of the machine forced the nettle leaves into a closer contact with my skin, producing this weird pain/pleasure sensation that is virtually indescribable.
Slowing the machine down and then stopping it, Mistress ordered me back across to the medical bench, where i was very quickly hooked up to the estim device. Subtly alternating the power levels, Mistress soon managed to produce a surging tingle that ran from the base to the tip of my cvck. If you haven’t tried this, next time you visit Mistress V, it should be up there at the top of your list to experience. Augmenting the estim with judicious use of a pin wheel, i was soon writhing in an ecstatic agony, wanting to keep experiencing the sensation yet desperate for release. Trying to relax slightly helped prolong the delicious sensation but suffice to say that when the moment came, it seemed to last for ever.

As i lay trying to get my breath back, Mistress asked if i would like a drink. On replying ‘Yes please, Mistress’, Mistress proceeded to pour me a fresh glass of sparkling champagne. Savouring the taste as i slowly supped the precious liquid, i knew that i would be going home with Mistress V firmly in my mind and body.

A perfect end to a perfect morning! Thank You Mistress!

And so ended yet another fantastic session with Mistress V. With planning, attention to health and safety, care and an overwhelming ability to lead one into subspace and Her World, it would be a shame not to experience the magic that is Mistress V.

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