His second visit to Me

  • August 9, 2020

Second visit today with my bum whore.

Once through the door it was ordered upstairs. Face mask on slave now let’s have a chat.

Once we’d had our pre session chat I locked it up, cock encased in the steel cage ready and more than willing to take what was waiting for it once over the bench.

I stick 2 fingers inside it’s arse, wow your more than ready for the bigger sized strapons , Ill just slip one on, lube it up and get to work on stretching that arse of yours.

The positioning on the bench was awkward for it to get the full benefit of my pounding.

Get off the bench I want you in the medical room at the end of the medical bench with your arse in the air!

Now that was the perfect angle. Spread those cheeks whore I want to go deeper; so deep you can taste it.

After giving its arse a good seeing to, my whore was thirsty, it had never drunk pee before. I was very impressed with its efforts to which I gave it a reward, sitting on its face. Wriggling my sweaty arse all over it.

Medical room for some sounds whore it’s time to stretch your cock!

Using the various size sounds, my whore loved watching them slide in and out of its little peep hole 😂

I find it amazing that a pathetic cock can take so much, it was loving every second of it getting harder and harder.

I’ll sort that cock out for you, attaching the estim cock hoops I turn it on. Wow mistress it feels amazing, is it throbbing? yes mistress.

Sitting on its face I give my whore another reward. Turning the power up on the estim, just enough for his cock to dance. I ride its face, its cock is now ready for exploding but instead of letting it I make it get on its knees and kneel in front of me, time to worship Mistress properly, come closer slave. Let’s leave the rest to your imagination.

It has already got its next session booked for October

Wish you were my bum whore? You know what to do

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