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Joining Mistress V’s Hard Sports club

  • November 3, 2022

Today I joined mistress V club of toilet subs .session started with morning coffee and catch up then .inserted to strip Place my head in the bowel when mistress stood over my head and insulted to open my mouth to receive big fat chocolate log into my mouth. Mistress instructed hold the log in my mouth when a rained gallon of fresh golden nectar then mistress reached in and smeared the log all my face and hair and eat chunk of it to show respect. Then got fresh up made but on my sissy slut outfit .Mistress V then shackled my hand’s and legs to together then slipped collar and then put heavy chain all the way all hoops and lock them with leg spreader them blindfolded me then but my sissy hood on .made me walk around dungeon as MV sat giggling as bumping into bondage bench and cage.then bend over then bench still locked up my dress slipped up and knickers slipped down my pink arese ready to get roasted with a paddle and blue whip and slut strap.

Once I was released from bench I crawled to my mistress medical bench to worship her toes and feet then told to climb on the bench mistress cuffed my hands and legs to the medical bench then mistress came over my head and taped my mouth shut with four big strips of dunk tape then are blindfold me and my sissy hood and extra fun but noise cancelling ear defenders as well my dress pulled up and knickers pulled down started to punishment on my cock and balls with a heavy strap Then mistress slip a very long sound down my eye and used vibrator to made slid sound dance down my cock then came sounds clamped my ball sack and around my cock mistress then removed the tape and offered me some fresh spit then retaped my mouth shut as she zap my sack and cock. Then mistress tilled to headboard down removed my blindfold hood and tape then mistress stood above and let me drink her nutty flavour golden amber with nice drink.

Thank you
Mistress V

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