Total submission – a testimonial

  • November 5, 2022

I was shaking as I opened the door to Mistress dungeon although have done it many times before was still nervous but first time in about 5 years . I entered to find such a beautiful sexy lady standing there , well Mistress soon had me chatting away relaxing me , we talked about 10 mins or so . I was then told to get undress which I did Mistress asked me to get over to the bench and legs apart and chest resting on the top Mistress soon had me secured some spanking soon started on my backside bum could feel it getting warm and hot the cane soon followed ouch it hurt Mistress put a gag on me I had asked for this before hand it’s part of of it I wanted the power exchange to feel submissive to Mistress anyway Mistress decided was time to play with my bum Mistress used plenty of lubricant and Mistress went to work on my bum don’t know how many fingers it hurt to start of with then become enjoyable then came the strap on yes it hurt at first then it became enjoyable after a time I was really feeling submissive but liking this feeling . Mistress decided to undo from this and ordered me over to bondage couch when day ordered Mistress never shouted but always dominant, I was soon bound in place gagged blindfolded ear muffs on to increase my other senses next came some nipple clamps I found them painful but enjoyable Mistress put a electric on my cock wow that was nice followed by some breathe play which I liked anyway my cock was alive I was alive Mistress took the blindfold of and ear muffs as I looked at Mistress wow felt the submission to this Mistress I played with my cock and soon exploded Mistress untied me so ended 1 st visit but we talked for a little while not only this wonderful Mistress has a good personality to chat to out of session so pleased to have found my Mistress xxx

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