Mistress V is like a box of chocolates

  • June 27, 2021

I arrived to session with mistress v for the third time. . Mistress is certainly like a box of chocolates. You are not sure what you will get.
This time she collared me. Made me step on to her pillory stand. Fastened my cock and balls tightly in it and handcuffed my wrists and chained them to my collar.
My cock got a good beating.and she tawsed my back and bottom.removing me from the pillory i was next fastened on the bench. Strapping hard caning whipping and ball beating came next.lying on the bench she put needles in my nipples and twisted them. The cig torture on my cock and balls came next..
I was truly in subspace now .but skillfully mistress pushed my limits hard but knew when to ease the pain.
Last i went in the t/box for my reward and received my food and drink.she allowed me to come in my hand and made me eat it.. Wow. What a session..
Thank you mistress.

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