My fart is a gift – a testimonial

  • July 1, 2021

The session started with a text telling me don’t forget Mistress V coffee. I entered the dungeon mistress was waiting with a warm smile dressed in skin black PVC leggings with a funky t-shirt on inserted me to undress and slip on my sissy maid dress .mistress came around me with nipple clamps and attached them to my balls and dragged me medical bench instruction to kneel mistress hooked the chain around her shoes and opened her present bag I when looking though my gifts tugging the chain making me wince with the pain she inserts the new ball gag with nipple chains attached on me and dragged to bench to get warmed up with carpet better, prison strap, flogger, cane, and whip my arse was very nice warm-up with strips on it. Then came vac bed my 1st time in the bed sent to subspace during that .then came body bag rap up with gas mask with a blindfold on when blow smoke from her cigarettes into the mask as she slapping my balls same time unstraped me dragged me to spanking bench to be used as mistress fuck toy. Then came bowling time my balls used as pins when mistress rolled steels steal hard into me.

Then came my 2nd new experience getting ridden with fuck machine with mistress sitting on me laughing as machine full pounding my arse sore .after that instructed to go back to medical where mistress me a glass of fresh warm piss when she inserted needles my nipples then started on sack inserting 26 needles in nice pattern lol last not lay on the floor second drink of hot warm piss straight from mistress before used left me with nice fart as thank you present straight into my mouth.


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