My New Boot Licking Slave

  • May 17, 2018

So today’s the day for My new boot slave to come and serve Me! 11am slot for one and a half hours of boot licking fun!!

As I make My way to My chambers, My head is buzzing with images of him on his knees begging to worship My soft leather boots.

“LICK My sole boy !! And don’t miss any!!”

Holding My foot with both hands he began kissing and caressing My boots telling Me how wonderful Myl egs felt in them.

“Get on your feet and follow Me!!”

Without hesitation he was on his feet; by his ear, I dragged him to the chain and collar, attaching the collar around his neck. I made him resume position, back on his knees chained to the wall. I demanded that he started again.

“This time I want to see your saliva covering the whole of My sole , spitting all over it. Fucking clean it up!!”

He began licking when I remembered there was some mud on the back lane.

“Stop!! They’re not dirty enough. Stay there, I won’t be long”.

Making sure My boots were really dirty, I went back in


He was trying his hardest not to throw up, which is when I decided to give him a hard spanking. His boot licking skills weren’t to My expectations and once his bottom was warmed up I finished with 6 of the best as a pleasant reminder of his 1st visit and sent him on his way…

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