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My New human toilet

  • April 24, 2021

My new toilet boy stood at the top of the stairs looking very nervous, come over here and sit down. We need to have our pre-session chat, patting the chair he comes and sits down. As we’re talking I can see he’s beginning to relax.

After a brief chat I order him to undress. Tying his cock and balls extremely tight I begin to tap his balls with my bare foot then kicking him right under his sack! He did mention he liked ball busting and any kind of CBT, his balls turning purple I produce my jaws clamp it’s a very sharp spiked device. Clamping his cock inside I screw the screws down enough to see the spikes digging into the skin. “Spread your legs slave”. I go around the back of him and give him another kick to the balls. Take that! Moving back to the front of him I lift his cock by the device and let it go so the spikes grip on to his skin. Laughing I pass him the funnel.

“Lie down and clamp the funnel in between your teeth.” Straddling the funnel My piss starts to flow, keep up with the swallowing slave I don’t want to see a build up of piss inside that funnel, I must have pissed for a full minute it was never ending which I found highly amusing. All the piss drunk I pull him over my knee and give him a good spanking, get on all fours I have a new toy I’m going to see if it fits in your tight hole.

Plenty of lube I push the soft silicone dildo inside his arse. My you are an anal virgin. You won’t be for much longer hehe. You’re a virgin to swallowing shit as well aren’t you? Bring me the toilet box. Placing the box at my feet I secure him in, crouching over his mouth. Open your mouth, I shit straight into his mouth, he did say he’s held shit in his mouth before. He won’t be doing that today. Today you’re eating it, enforced means exactly that. Clamping his mouth shut with my hands he begins to chew, he’s struggling with it but I remind him about the enforced side of shit eating. He swallows some so I release my hands from his jaw. Go and clean yourself up once you’re clean I want you on my medical bench. Estim time another first for this slave with sounds. Fantastic way to end a 2 hour session.

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