Hard Sports

Testimonial from My new human toilet

  • April 25, 2021

I had read some of mistress’s blogs and testimonials and was excited at the prospect of being a willing sub to experience hard sports for the first time. I was apprehensive at first having chickened out before on this activity. We started off with a discussion of what I enjoy bdsm wise. I told mistress that I did not enjoy needle play and didn’t like to be spanked to the extent of drawing blood. Mistress was very understanding . First after stripping down I was put over mistress’s knee for a quick hand spanking . Then it was lying down for some delicious champagne from above via a funnel. After lapping up the golden nectar I was led to the strapon bench. Mistress had lubed my arse first so was ready for the strapons. But I could only manage the two smallest sizes much to my shame. However mistress was very understanding . Then I was led to the toilet box. I was filled with some trepidation , but I was determined to comply. Mistress then proceeded to put the estrim device on my balls to make sure my mouth was ready to receive the most delicious shit that mistress then forced me to chew on. I was able to eventually complete my mission but I need more training to fully accomplish the task in its entirety. This was only a 1hr session and to experience all that mistress can offer one should allow for longer. Mistress was pleased with my first session and I shall look forward to experiencing her comprehensive array of devices on my next visit. I recommend this lady without hesitation for all your bdsm requirements.

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