Foot Fetish

Role play session with new client

  • April 15, 2022

Brilliant session this morning , one of my favourites roleplay . Having exchanged emails my new client explains his fantasties likes and dislikes , once he arrived I order him to lock the door behind him .

Standing at the top of the stairs in a black tight see through dress and high heels I have my rope in one hand and my wrist cuffs in the other.
Up here boy now! when he reaches the top step I grab him by the collar of his shirt dragging him into position in front of me , I begin to tie him with my rope from the neck down to his waist ,I then cuff his wrists and sit him down in a chair , blindfold on . Running my fingers through his chest I unfasten each button teasing his nipples pulling and pinching . When all the buttons are undone I use my sharp heels and press them hard against his skin , watching him wince makes me giggle , taking the shoe of I wiggle my toes under his nose , You want to suck what’s coming next don’t you slave , with a nod my toes go straight in his mouth pushing my foot deeper and deeper into his mouth , let me see if I can get my whole foot in shall we hehe , I could t believe how much he got in , moving him from the chair removing the blindfold I point over to the rug on the floor , Get on it and kneel for your mistress .
Still tied and cuffed I help him down onto his back , I’m going to use your face as my chair and play with your nipples , he loves being my piece of furniture , he can be a table next time and have a taste of breakfast 😈😈

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