My New Sissy

  • December 11, 2021

My new sissy/ crosser dresser arrived a little earlier than planned it was a good job I had everything ready for my bitch.

Once naked she gets dressed into a black figure hugging dress (her own) black tights finishing it off with a long black and red wig which had soft waves running through it, once the wig was on I could tell how sexy she was going to look after I’d done her make up, applying the mascara evenly on both eyes I give them a couple of coats with the mascara brush they now look fuller and longer, then her eyebrows were brushed and eyebrow pencil applied, “wow once your lips are done you’re going to look beautiful candy. Seductive ruby red lips, perfect for cock suckers.”

Time for the chastity device to be fitted and shes ready to go over my bench, pulling her dress over her bottom and pulling her tights down I insert a small cock inside her man pussy making sure my strapon harness was tightly strapped around me I began to fuck my bitch.

Her bottom was very hairy, stopping fucking her I cover her arse cheeks in hair remover cream, “your hairy arse is ruining my view I like to see my cock while fucking you”, 5 minutes later and cheeks were hair free smooth as a baby’s bottom, now I can carry on. Riding her long and hard telling her I’m going to remove all hair from her except the hair on her head laughing I carry on with my strapon.

Fucked and tired I unstrap her from my bench, strip off I meant what I said, time to remove the hair.

Hairless I unlock the chastity device allowing her to fondle with her tiny cock if you cum you will be made to clean it up, catch it in your hand. Clean yourself up bitch, wrap up before you leave you’re bound to feel the cold more now 😂

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