My new slave

  • January 18, 2019

Friday’s 2 o’clock appointment was due to arrive for two hours of total power exchange.

On his arrival, I was at the top of the stairs when I heard the door bell ring.


Once inside I told him to lock the door behind him.

He looked up at me, eyes fixed on my dog lead and collar.

“Get up here and get on your knees.”

Once on his knees the collar and lead were attached, I told him to look at me, spitting directly into his face.

“Get on your feet and go and get undressed, and once your undressed go into the main playroom.”

He entered the playroom sheepishly. Trying to control his erection I ordered him on the floor and lick my boots. He did as he was told and obeyed instantly.

“Lick my sole and suck my heel.” I spat on my boot, tugging at the lead.

“Clean it!” He soon moved from my heel to my spit, lapping it up like the dog he now was! Changing feet, he repeated his licking action on my other boot. Inspecting it, I notice he’d missed a bit, so I pull hard on his lead and give his face a hard slap!

“Start again! When you’ve finished I’m going to tie you up and torture your nipples!”

I started off by lightly pinching his nipples, warming them up for my nipple weight clamps. I reached for them, playfully rolling them in my hands so they make a clanking sound “I’m going to be putting these on your nipples and swinging them hahaha”

He struggled with the clamps on his nipples so I change them for pegs, putting the clamps onto his balls instead, swinging them so they banged hard on contact. I enjoyed the pain it caused, watching his face wincing.

After  clanking the weighted balls together for a while, I removed them, and knowing his balls were now very tender, I gently squeezed them. “My, your eyes are watering! Time for you to get dressed! I’ve put a black faux leather dress and stockings out for you, get them on, I’m going to change my boots!”

Changing into my black PVC thigh length boots my slave was by now dressed as my slut! “Over the bench bitch I’m going to stretch that arse of yours nice and wide! Before I fuck you!”

Gloves on, I lubed my hands, probing his well lubed fuck hole, slowly at first, pushing my fingers deeper and deeper stretching as I pushed. He was now groaning!! This bitch was actually having an anal orgasm.

“Enjoying that aren’t you bitch?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Having finished his orgasm, I ordered him off the bench and back onto the floor

“Clean these boots now before I get the vacbed and estim.”

He’d never been in a vacbed before and said the experience was amazing.

After I eventually let him out of the vacbed I told him I had a reward for him.

“I’ve got a new toy I’d like you try out for me, it’s a pulsating pussy, I think you deserve to have an happy ending.”

No need to carry on as I’m sure you all have very good imaginations; he practiced safe sex and wore a condom which he filled, which was then poured down his throat.

All in all a fantastic two hour session.


Mistress V

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