A Testimonial from a new client

  • January 19, 2019

I discovered Mistress V’s website some time ago however it took a while for me to arrange a session. Once I sent an email to Mistress V she responded very quickly and we arranged a session. Mistress V was very helpful on the day providing directions to her dungeon which was easy to find and not far from the centre.

Mistress took control of me almost immediately when I entered her dungeon which was quite surprising and powerful introduction making me know immediately that for the next 2 hours I was her slave.

Our session began with Mistress fitting me with a collar and leash which she led me around the dungeon on for much of the session. I was then ordered to worship and clean Mistress’ boots which was a theme that the session was based around. Later, Mistress V changed boots and ordered me to clean these as well. I also received a good deal of CBT and nipple torture which Mistress V gauged well and I am looking forward to being pushed further.

The vac-bed experience is very strange, while I was secured by the tight rubber, I lost myself in the tight restricting enclosure. This, accompanied by the CBT was overwhelming and led me to drift into subspace. Once freed, it took me a moment to come around, everything seemed brighter and calmer.

The atmosphere Mistress V creates in session is very relaxing in a sense, the music she used during the session created the perfect environment and allowed me to focus on not tensing up too much (which I often have an issue with) while Mistress explored anal play with me.

Towards the end of the session, Mistress rewarded me with both with her golden nectar to drink and the opportunity to use her new pussy toy which created a fantastic climax to an overwhelmingly enjoyable session.

Mistress V was very attentive to my physical and verbal responses in session, getting inside my mind which allowed everything to flow well. I am eager to visit mistress V again as I would love to have my boundaries pushed and explore my kinks.

Once again, thank you Mistress V, it was an amazing session.

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