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My new toilet boy

  • November 11, 2020

My new toilet boy .

Dressed in his own slutty outfit with stockings and dark brown wig he informs me of his previous toilet experiences..

“I love to drink champagne, in fact you can use my mouth for just about anything mistress “

Before you get such a privilege i want you to suck my stiff cock , you need bright red lips for this as i love to watch my sluts lips slide up and down on my cock , Lipstick glistening from your mouths saliva
now suck it !

I would stop him every now and then , making him run his tongue up and down my shaft .

Pushing my cock into his mouth .
Deeper slut , right to the back of your throat .
Gag on it .

While he’s enjoying sucking me off i have a cigarette.
Blowing my smoke down into his face .
Stop sucking and look at me !
Open your mouth !
Flicking my ash into his hungry mouth until it was down to the butt

You must get used to eating nasty things slave , i’m not going to put my butt in the ashtray , Your going to eat it !
With the cigarette still glowing i pop it into his mouth .
Chew it and swallow .

This is preparing you for your next task ,
opening the lid of the toilet box i order him in .

I don’t know what’s going to come 1st slave my piss or my shit , but you are going to swallow which ever comes first .

It was the shit out first .
I look into the toilet box it missed his mouth as he’d closed it .
I crouch down and grab a piece and force it into his mouth . Chew !!
Back over the box legs straddled .
Your mouth wash is on its way .
Not missing his mouth he opens wide , shit stuck to his teeth welcoming the warmth and wetness of my piss .
Rinse your mouth with that lot , there’s more to come for you to drink .
When he’d drunk all of it i allow him to bring himself off once he’d cum i made him clean himself up .
Laughing at the end of the session as he’d never had to eat a cigarette before or eat shit .
When you visit my chambers there will always be a first time of some sort , but enough to keep coming back ..
See you soon shitty mouth 😈

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