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My Toilet slave

  • November 9, 2020

Placing my bondage board on the floor with my toilet box at the top end of the board ropes and chains ready .
My toilet slave is due to arrive any minute , he likes to dress in panties and stockings while he has his breakfast , however today is going to be a little bit different 😈

The door knocks !
It’s open , get your arse up here !
Getting undressed i tell him what’s going to happen this morning.

Once he’s got his stockings and panties on i order him to lie down onto the board and get his head in the box , closing the lid i laugh at him , i’m going to cuff you to the toilet and smother you with my arse but before that i need to tie you down tight!

I walk around him as he’s bound unable to move .
Taunting him .
“I’m going to smear my shit all over your body , every part of it is going to be covered in my shit .

Looking down into the box his eyes are closed .
Open those eyes i want you to watch !

Lowering myself down over its face i fart 💨 straight into his mouth , “inhale it slave , savour the sweet smell of my waste “
Are you ready to be smeared haha

Starting with his face around his mouth up his nose , forehead and ears , he looked like a massive turd 💩
once i’d finished decorating him , i tell him i’m not going to release him he can stay there until he shits himself !
Leaving him there i go and clean myself up .

All fresh i spray some perfume , ah it smells gorgeous in my bathroom
wish i could say the same about you !

checking his panties he’d shit himself .
Wow you dirty filthy boy your disgusting you can go home in those panties but not until i say so , until then you can stay in that shitty mess your in .
Which is going to be a very long time .

Walking around him heels clicking i go down the stairs as if i’m leaving .
And sit and have a cigarette.
10 minutes later i go back up and release him
Get yourself cleaned up ! Except . Your nostrils , leave those how they are .
shall we say a treat from me hahahaha

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