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My new toilet slave

  • August 22, 2019

Hearing the door knock at the scheduled time my new toilet Slave has arrived, opening it there it stood head bowed bag in hand, I was intrigued to see what was inside, up you go potty mouth, once your upstairs I want to see what’s in the bag!!

It’s full of hoods miss, leather plastic pvc, empty it! Finding one suitable I pass it, in there and put it on pointing to the main room.

Still going through the bag I find a clear plastic hood with a zip at the back, hmm 🤔 this would be good filled with shit

I enter the room rope in hand, he’s facing away from me. I’m going to tie you nice and tight shit breath, i don’t want no wriggling while I deliver my waste!

Attaching clamps with weights to his balls, I then put his rubber inflatable hood on, I love it when a Slave can’t see what’s coming next, I flick his cock with my flogger lightly first just to test the reflex lol

Administering poppers as and when I wanted, I’m the boss after all

Moving onto the nipples pegs to start with, before the heavier ones, prowling around him as if he were my prey

I’ve found a clear hood in your bag, when I’m ready I’m going to take a shit in it before I make you wear it, potty mouth,

No need for the toilet box today. Untying him I remove the hood and clamps

I then attach leather cuffs and open mouth gag

Shitting into the plastic hood I also add a cotton wool ball soaked in poppers, to kind arnt i lol

Blindfolding him before I apply the hood Zipping him in there’s no escape from my shit now, laughing I rub the hood watching the shit smear all over his face and head, unzipping the hood I put my hand in, your going to eat some! Shaking his head. I shove it in his mouth chew it potty boy!!

Removing the hood once it was consumed, well done Slave, you’ve impressed me with your efforts today I will reward you with a glass of piss!! Now that’s fair

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