My new toilet victim

  • February 11, 2022

My new toilet victim arrived at the agreed time , looking very nervous on his arrival , we had a brief chat of likes and dislikes , He had , had scat before but usually has it spread over his body . while listening to him I was already planning his fate !

Putting him in my cage I begin to tie his body to the cage , his cock and balls tied tightly then tying them to the bars on the cage so I have access to edge his pathetic cock , every time he asked me to stop I would attach a peg to his face and ears and pull his hair , once he got to 15 stops I then took him from the cage still tied and feet in a leg spreader , over to the medical bench , edging him more and more , I pull over my toilet throne and sit on it . Look over here slave ! what ever lands in my hand you are going to smell , I push two rolled up pieces of and stuff them up his nostrils using another piece to rub across his lips , he hates it as I laugh and tell him be careful what you wish for , I then swing a used condom over his face . You wanted fresh spunk didn’t slave , looking up at me pathetically with open mouth gag on I snip the condom with the scissors and pour the spunk down his throat as he struggles I cover his mouth and order him to swallow , I then allow him to get dressed and leave smelling of my poo and tasting salty spunk all the way home 🤣🤣🤣

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