Role Play

Role Playing dominating Superman

  • February 11, 2022

My slave flew in from Sweden on Monday , we met and had a lovely meal , discussing how the 4 hour session would go the following evening . Superman decided he would like to be fucked with my black strapon .

On his arrival (Tuesday evening ) I waited at the top of the stairs with the superman theme music playing in the back ground , I do love roleplay . Handing him his outfit with matching red boots , once he had changed I set the scene , he was brought to me on false pretences, thinking he was meeting a celebrity, 🤣🤣 I thought it was quite fitting as he is meant to be a superhero ! Wrong. Once i’d changed into my black pvc and red latex bodice it was time to show superman who has the most power !

Tying my victim with rope securely from the neck down he soon realises his efforts to take control are over . Capturing him and forcing him to clean my dirty boots and bottom , taunting with my black cock , you want this don’t you ? Taking him over to the fuck bench I strap him down and unzip the bottom half of his outfit making sure there is enough room for my cock to slide in and out with no effort .

Lubing my gloved fingers and inserting them , finger fucking before the cocks are inserted . Superman is now my super bitch ! Take my cock bitch , you will take cock for me every time you fly over to visit me and i’ll soon be introducing you to the real thing , after a good fucking I order him to strip ! I’m going to punish you , my boots are still dirty , with that I began to whip his arse lovely stripes zig zagging across his now very red cheeks , I then make him tie his cock and balls he has a unique way of doing this . Smothering him with my pvc clad arse as I order him to finish himself off . Fantastic time spent with superman , looking forward to our next meet in may 🦸‍♂️

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