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My sissy daisy’s second session with Me

  • April 9, 2022

Daisy my sissy slut arrived for her second session , she was full of excitement as I gave her , her outfit to put on , she was already wearing stockings under her clothing when she arrived , daisy loved to be fucked with my big black strapon but she can only take it all when she’s in the swing . Once her ankles are cuffed she’s all mine plenty of lube and my cocks inside her fucking her hard and fast she loves it moaning for more .

From the swing we go to the fucking bench she had told me in the week to whip her harder , strapping her down I begin with the bull whip swish swashy marks all over her bottom lovely patterns she will be proud to wear .

I then order her to the medical area for sounds and the estim but not until Ive used her mouth as my potty , to say it’s her 2nd time she was even more willing to push her limits for me .
I allow her to relieve herself then she was made to clean her mess up , my did she make a mess . see you soon my cock sucking arse fucking whore 😈😈😈

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