My sissy pin

  • February 13, 2023

My session today was with my sub pin cushion but after this mornings antics I have now renamed her as my sissy pin . As time as gone on we have tried lots of different things in a session but after the last time we met sissy pin did say it would order a baby powder pink pvc locked dress Padlocks all down the front even the cuffs had the lock and keys it exceeded my expectations by going the whole lot , stockings wig shoes the outfit was fantastic , now time to dress her.

Having the dress custom made it was easy to zip once that was done there was nothing much else to do except trim the ends of her wig so it was all the length , she was ready . Not practicing in her new pink high heels as she struggles to curtsy in them however she managed to do the cat walk a couple of time before she was over my bench taking my flogger warming up my sissy’s arse before I give it a good filling with my glass dildo , I left the dildo in for a little while just to stretch my sissy’s hole , I want it to take the anal hook , I love nothing more than putting my finger through the hoop at the top and pulling on it hehe after the fun with the hook it was over to the medical bench for some needle play before finishing of the session. with watersports , always a good session with my sissy pin 📌

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