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My potty mouth toilet slave

  • February 11, 2023

My potty mouth toilet slave arrived on the agreed time , he has been before but only once . On its first visit it managed to have its lips spread with my 💩 but today he wanted it’s limits pushing to full consumption. He was extremely nervous as you can imagine. Attaching the estim , I set it to a pulse setting not to high but just enough for him to feel it . Once he was tied and cuffed I was ready to deliver its delicious delights.
I begin to pee first telling him , refreshments first before the main course lol .
I’m now ready to push my turd 💩 out . Open wide potty mouth , one last push and it landed on its mouth , bending down I turn up the estim . Now chew ! I won’t be happy until it’s all gone , with that I squeeze it’s nipple as hard as I possibly can , before I know it it’s eaten it all , Untying it I order it on its knees to clean my arse hole using its tongue for my tissue , while he’s doing this I tell him it’s time to play with its pathetic cock which it does before cumming , he shoots its load into its hand , Lick it up potty mouth , that’s what your mouths for . What a session

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