My sissy slave – a testimonial

  • May 17, 2021

The sissy slave arrived for yet another session with the incredible Mistress V.

He was immediately ordered to strip down to his sissy stockings and suspenders. Mistress was on the phone, so he was instructed to perform prolonged toe sucking of Mistress’s dainty feet. Mistress then decided she was desperate for a pee. Slave was forced to get on the floor and keep his mouth open. Mistress let loose with her pee in such a vast quantity that the slave could not keep up with the flow. The result was that her golden champagne ended up all over his face, head and the floor. Mistress was not happy. The stupid slave was forced to lick the floor clean- just like a dog.

When the floor was cleaned to Mistress’ satisfaction he was ordered to get onto the whipping bench. Once secured, Mistress proceeded to warm his backside up with her hand and then her favourite strap.

Then it was time for a severe caning to take place. Mistress had promised that permanent scars would be left on his backside. Mistress carried out her promise.

Slave had brought Mistress a present of some rolls of industrial cling wrap. The slave was then totally encased and made to shuffle over to the medical bench in order to receive some severe cbt.

Mistress cut holes in the wrap to expose his cock, balls and nipples. Numerous needles were then inserted with Mistress then twisting and turning them to inflict more pain.

Whilst the slave was tied Mistress became desperate for a shit, She went to the bathroom but collected her shit for her slave.

On returning she forced it into the slave’s mouth. covered it with both her hands and made it chew and swallow it.

Mistress then decided to give slave a treat. She brought him to orgasm (the first time in many visits to Mistress!) then collected it and made him swallow it.

The session over, the slave dressed and about to leave when Mistress told the slave that was still a another glass of her cold champagne to drink.

Another fantastic session with a caring Mistress.

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