One very happy sub!

  • November 26, 2020

Come on up ! I order it to stop half way up the stairs .
Keep your head bowed , eyes to the floor .
You will have know eye contact with me throughout the session do you understand ?

In my leather pants , boots and sheer body , showing just enough cleavage to bring this object to his knees .

I want you to worship my boots before we go any further . I could tell it was eager to please its mistress .
After giving my boots a good cleaning I order it to get undressed .Passing it some of my underwear what i’d been wearing all morning .Reminding it all the time no eye contact .
Get those on! Bright yellow lace panties , with a lace bra .

Coming from the bathroom I order it to crawl over to me while i’m sat on my chair , Sit on the floor and get my heel in your mouth , Attaching it’s collar and lead , I order it to stop ! Turning myself around in the chair so my arse is in his face .
Shine it with your tongue
Making a really good job of it to i must say .
I take him over to the bench and put my strapon on . Sitting on it I order it to sit on the floor once again and continue to use his tongue running it up my legs , Don’t stop until instructed .
Once it’s lips are at the base of my cock I order it to lick the tip and work it’s way down only sucking on my instruction .
It had informed me by email in the morning that it had prepared himself for me .

Taking the butt plug out I slide my cock deep inside . It gasps with enjoyment as I fuck it’s hole . After 15 minutes of deep thrusting I pull my cock out moving around to its mouth pushing it deep into the back of its throat . Clean it !
Once it sucked my cock immaculately clean I take it from the bench over to the electrics .
Take those panties of . Sticking them straight into its mouth I begin to tie its cock and balls .
Lie down !
Get your knees up in to your chest , I insert a butt plug before attaching the e-stim

Turning the dial I wait . Covering its mouth with my hand holding it so he can’t breath until i decide .
I then sit on its face turning the dial until he shudders and explodes .

Once the session was over we have a little chat about how the session went .
One very happy sub has left the building .

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