Hard Sports

Overnight Session

  • August 4, 2018

Friday evening and my new sub is due to arrive in 30 minutes. He wants to be caged and left for the night with enforced hardsports. My favourite!!

There was a knock at the door.


In came a small man with a small voice.

“Good evening Mistress”.

Looking him up and down I instructed him to undress. Once naked I instructed him to get on all fours and crawl to me like the dog that he is. On his hands and knees he crawled into the playroom.

“Stand up!!”

Collaring him, I then put him in cuffs.

“You will not be leaving here tonight.”

Pointing at the cage I demanded that he crawled in. Once in the cage I gagged him.

“I will bring you your breakfast in the morning and it won’t be a full English”.

Looking nervous, I give him one of My devious grins.

“It’s ok, no one will hear your whimpers.”

I turned on My heels and switched out the light.

“Ihope it’s dark enough for you Dog!!”

Leaving, I locked the door behind me. I know he’s scared, as I would be if I had to stay in there, but it’s not me, so off I went. I had to have some supper as I did’t want to disappoint my guest in the morning with a small breakfast. I decide on an Indian – vindaloo – nice and hot!

The following morning, I had breakfast, all the while thinking of the dog in the cellar and how hungry he’s going to be. Driving round to My chambers, My stomach was making weird noises! I couldn’t wait to get inside to release him as I was bursting to go to the toilet at this point. I opened the door.

“Hello dog breath, it’s breakfast time. Out you come.

I tied him up and removed the gag. Once restraint and on the floor I stood over his head

“Open your mouth dog! Breakfast is served!”

Safe to say, he was starving hahah!!

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