Session with a Female sub

  • June 13, 2018

Well the day has arrived for my new sub (female) to come and have some strapon fun., as well as some mild CP. She rang bang on the appointment time to tell me the cab had dropped her off, I gave her the directions and before I knew it I could hear her footsteps coming down the stairs to My chambers.

“Come in Slut!!”

Once inside we discussed her likes and dislikes, I told her to make sure she leaves all her inhibitions at the doorstep!! I then ordered her to strip down to panties and stockings. Giggling slightly, she did as she was told!

“On the floor bitch and greet Me at My feet!!”

Giving her the once over I could tell she was willing to take and do whatever the fuck I wanted.

“Get on My bench and let Me strap you down you filthy cock loving whore!!”

“Yes mistress’”


“Count bitch!”

After a mild spanking, I then her to My strap, which she took very well. Arse in the air, she was begging Me to fuck her up the arse, I used my smallest dildo on her at first. She soon got into the rhythm, slowly moving back and forth, all the while I was telling her how she would soon be restrained and put on the fucking machine.

“I’ve never been on a fuck machine before Mistress”

“There’s always a first time for everything My dear Slut!!”

After fucking her with my strapon, I ordered her to get onto all fours so I could guide my big black cock inside her; now we’ll stretched arse. Chaining her to My fucking machine, she told Me how excited she was to be here and can’t wait for the machine to do its work, and as soon as I turn it on she’s moaning and groaning!

“Shut up and take that big black cock, otherwise I’ll cane your backside”. I decided to cane her while she was getting her just desserts hehe what a sight to see! After 20 mins she said she was thirsty.

“Haha, let me unchain you, lie under My toilet and drink My champagne”.

Mouth wide open, she did as she was told, drinking every drop that I delivered. Finishing off, I made her lick My beautiful arse, which she informed me was like a peach. She had a Mistress before but had never been made to drink her piss. Result!! I will always push limits because it gives Me great satisfaction.

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