• January 19, 2021

Cuffed and gagged in my fuck swing , Looking down at you as I slide my well lubed cock inside your gapping hole .Time for your hole to be filled bitch .
Building up a good rhythm one it can keep up to . Twisting and teasing it’s nipples , You like that don’t you , You filthy slut ? Tell me how much
I reach over for the nipple clamps and attach them , still sliding my cock deep into this bitches man pussy .
I have my biggest cock lubed and waiting but not until you’ve been on the fuck machine , it’ll stretch your arse even wider for me . wet and willing to take the rest 😈

Uncuffing it I order it to my heel and wait instruction .
Look at the mess you’ve made on my cock .
Get it in your mouth bitch and clean it.

Cock all nice and clean it’s time for some refreshments
Open wide ive not quite finished with you yet now drink !

Once It has consumed all my piss I order it . Get on all fours and position yourself in front of the fuck machine

Once inside it I turn it on low.I kneel in front of my bitch open your mouth , pushing my cock to the back of its throat
Suck !
Happy with the efforts it had made ,i’m going to give you a reward i’m going to give you a shoe job
I want you on your back with your cock between my heels and arches now fuck my shoes 😈😈 and clean up your mess !

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