Upside down drinking!

  • January 17, 2021
Strapped and cuffed  into the inversion table I tilt it just enough so my arse is above my subs nose teasing it as I slowly run my pinwheel down it’s shaft making sure it feels every sharp sensation ,Hope your liking the view  down there while I torture your cock !

I own your cock and balls, they are my toys , laughing as I begin to spank it with the strap 
While your down there you can drink my piss with a hard stroke to its nuts 
Drink ! I want to see how well you do at drinking while upside down .
What a total failure ! Unstrapping him I order him .
Over here and on my bench !
I will teach you a very hard lesson on failing my tasks , Swishing my cane in the air the first stroke connects to the bare flesh leaving a lovely welt , Then the next . 10 in total,   as corporal punishment isn’t his favourite activity , I thought the perfect  punishment one he will definitely learn from 
I reward my sub with a foot job making sure he cleans my feet with his tongue once he’d finished . 
Kind aren’t I 😈

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