Hard Sports

A highly addictive Mistress – a Testimonial

  • December 30, 2022

I like to be made to do hard sports, but only with a Mistress who genuinely enjoys it and isn’t only doing it for the money. For a while now I’ve been seeking a hardsports aficionado; someone who loves doing it. I spent a while looking at Mistress V’s tweets and the blogs and pages of her website and Eureka! On several occasions, Mistress V has said that of all the things she does, hard sports is her favourite. Furthermore, she has no difficulty enforcing it if that is what the client requests.

So I made an appointment with Mistress V, asking for enforced hard sports and being her human toilet paper, with punishment for failing to clean Mistress perfectly.

The stunningly beautiful Mistress V was ready for me when I arrived. After a thorough and very professional pre-session discussion, I was tied VERY thoroughly and securely to a body board with my head under Mistress’s toilet chair. Mistress V walked slowly and purposefully towards the toilet chair, having collected a variety of painful looking implements to use on me to make me consume her waste, should enforcement be necessary. Indeed, enforcement was very necessary. Mistress V had already made it crystal clear that because I had asked for enforced hard sports, once I was tied into place there would be no going back. It probably took half an hour, using a combination of ‘encouragement’ and severe pain, for me to consume it all. It was then washed down with what i thought would be a never ending stream of Mistress’s pee. Mistress laughed as I quickly guzzled it down.

The next part was for me to use my tongue to clean Mistress V; to be her human toilet paper. It had already been made clear to me that if I wanted to be her living toilet paper, the consequences of not cleaning her properly would be severe. I decided to take the risk and I thought I’d done a good job, but after I’d finished my cleaning task, Mistress checked herself with toilet paper and found I’d missed a bit.

I was told to clean myself up then tied to the spanking bench and given a flogging to warm me up then a severe caning. Well I’d been warned and I will make sure to do a better job next time!

What a fantastic session! Mistress V has everything. She is searingly beautiful, an expert Mistress and highly intelligent; a perfect combination for a perfect session.

If you want hard sports – enforced or otherwise – Mistress V is the Mistress for you. And if you don’t want hard sports – something mild perhaps – Mistress V is still the Mistress for you.

Those of you who have not had a session with Mistress V do not know what you are missing. Beware though! Mistress V is highly addictive. I guarantee you’ll never want to session with anyone else.

slave p

My Latest Hard Sports Client

  • December 29, 2022

Of all the things that I do, hard sports is my favourite and I love welcoming a new hard sports slave into my chambers. It makes me feel good that people are honoured to eat my poo. My latest human toilet arrived; slightly nervous but I like that!

During our pre session chat it transpired that my new poo eater had experience but hadn’t done it for a while. He also expressed an interest in painful trampling. I told him he’d better be hungry because I’d eaten a big breakfast in readiness for him! Thankfully, he was indeed hungry and he gleefully swallowed my waste, washed down with copious amounts of my pee. I then made him lick my shitty arse clean. I’d already told him he would be punished if he didn’t completely clean me up. When he’d finished cleaning me with his tongue I wiped myself with toilet paper.  Oh dear! He hadn’t done a perfect job of cleaning me!

“Over my punishment bench!”

Having tied him securely to the bench I gave him 50 very hard strokes of the sjambok. If you are going to clean me after hard sports, I require absolute perfection, otherwise the punishment is real.

I untied him and made him lie on the floor face down, trampling his back, legs and arse with my sharpest heels while I sat next to him on a chair , leaving heel indentations and scratches all over him. Then I made him lie face up and I trampled his chest, belly, cock and balls, once again marking him as he had requested.

A fantastic session; he has booked to come back in 2 weeks!

Huddersfield Mistress V

My regular human toilet

  • October 6, 2022

My human toilet arrived eagerly wanting to consume my waste . Once he’d undressed I order him through . Lie on the floor on your back , Ive been saving my waste for you , ive got at least 3 days loads ready to deliver directly into your disgusting potty mouth . Open its ready ! Once my poop 💩 was out he caught it in his hands and began to devour it , sucking and chewing every bit , it was very impressive to witness this hungry pile of shit on the floor forcing my 💩 down it’s throat . Playing with it as if it were putty , smearing and covering it self from the head down with what shit there was left . Ordering it shower before we move on to the bull whip and the cane , it did say it wanted his stripes to last at least a week so it could show of at club quest in leeds , it was very happy with the end result . Not as happy as me obviously .

Fantastic Hardsports Session

  • September 7, 2022

Fantastic hardsports session this morning with a new toilet slave ,it came all the way down from scotland to taste my waste , just a little this time but it has promised to take more when it comes to visit again for a real enforced session , I explained the procedures as he looked at me in sheer admiration . Would you like to be a regular shit eater ? it nods .
Get yourself naked now !
It doesn’t like enclosed spaces so laying out a plastic sheet I order it to lay down with its face up . I then tie its hands behind its head . I straddle across this toilet and squat pushing every bit of shit out of me ,all over its chest then standing over its mouth I drop a little turt onto its mouth , then I go back to the pile of shit on its chest smearing it all over its chest , stomach and nose . I tell it , I don’t mind the smell of my own shit , I get great pleasure in shitting and pissing all over my toilet slaves . He soon found that out didn’t he by booking a session 💩

Making My personal slave do Hard Sports

  • January 5, 2022

Having discussed hard sports with my slave many times today was the day he really was going to eat my shit!! but first things first I must punish my slave for not losing the weight I’d asked him to lose I told him he was to get a 100 strokes of my cane but before that I needed to warm him up with a spanking before moving onto my flogger then my bull whip.
securing my slave to my bench I begin his punishment, swishing my flogger across his cheeks they start to redden, moving on with the bull whip lovely patterns, I lightly whip I don’t want to break skin I need to make sure there’s room for his stripes!!

Gagging my slave with a pair of sweaty socks into his mouth the strokes begin. Happy with my work I un-strap him, medical bench for you time for some nipple torture, I insert 4 in each nipple , once I’d removed the needles my slave must have forgotten about the hard sports and began to put his underpants on, What are you doing slave? I thought we’d finished mistress, not at all slave get over there, pointing to the bondage board and toilet box, cuffing his wrists to the board I begin weaving my rope making sure it’s nice and tight so he can’t move a muscle,I attach the estim an light a cigarette I hope your ready slave I can feel my poo making its way down Open wide! turning up the e-stim to high I let my poo fall into his mouth I’m going to feed you slave bite it.!!! He did has he was told with a struggle I burn his balls he opens his mouth wider to eat the rest.

My slave now knows that I will shit and make him eat every time we meet from now on, what better way to show your slave who’s boss 🤣🤣

Fantastic session with enforced hard sports included

  • January 1, 2022

Hard Sports Mistress

I’ve had many sessions with Mistress V. On several occasions I’ve discussed the idea of enforced hard sports with her and I asked her to spring it on me when I least expected it, and not to be allowed to back out. Scary stuff, for me anyway. Today was the day!

The session started with impact play, using a flogger to get me into subspace, something Mistress V excels at. Moving into the cane then the sjambok. Impact play with Mistress V is a wonderful experience. I used to hate caning but with Mistress V, I love it.

Then I was treated to foot worship and bottom worship. Mistress V has the most delectable derrière.

We then moved onto needle play, with needles being pushed through my nipples and into my cock. Being able to look at Mistress V’s exquisitely beautiful face while she sticks pins into me is one of life’s best possible experiences. By prior arrangement, Mistress V also scratched her initials onto my chest with a needle. Such an honour!

I’d booked a 2 hour session, and the 2 hours was up, so when Mistress V released me from the medical bench I assumed the session was over. Nope! Mistress ordered me to lay on the bodyboard next to the toilet box. I was scared. I knew what was going to happen but when Mistress V gives me an order, I’m totally powerless to resist. I was VERY firmly attached to the bodyboard with rope then Mistress V used me as her toilet, using a lighted cigarette on my balls to make me consume. It was a very difficult experience but I’d requested it. Bear in mind that if you ask Mistress V for enforced hard sports, it will be enforced! In fairness, she does make that crystal clear to you in advance. I now realise that being able to consume anything that has been inside Mistress V is an honour and a privilege. I feel genuinely owned now and I love it.

It will be obvious to you that with Mistress V, there’s no clock watching. You get what you pay for and more. You get a positively life enhancing experience. There’s no-one like her.

Needle Play Mistress

My Human Toilet slave

  • November 13, 2021

Fantastic session spent with a hard sports scat sub I’ve not seen for 5 years, once in my presence I order it to strip naked and kneel in front of me, fastening a collar I clip on the lead and tug it, lick my boots slave! it cleans my soles and sucks on my heels loving every second I push my heel further into its mouth,suck it properly or you’ll be punished. Looking down at this drooling mess at my feet, I tug on the lead again, on your feet! and over my bench, strapping it down I begin to lightly flog this blank canvas buttock cheeks in the air as my whips whistle through the air before making contact, crack! not wanting any marks I’m careful how hard I administer it.

Unstrapping it I order it over to my medical bench for some electro fun before the toilet training begins, it absolutely loves the e-stim and sounds, that’s enough of that slave it’s time for some breakfast,once my slaves in position I place my bottom on the toilet seat and look down and it’s frighted face, I can’t help but laugh 😂 open your mouth I’m ready to serve your breakfast, one little push and it was in its mouth, placing a gloved hand over its mouth I order it to chew and swallow before my champagnes dispensed, enjoy slave x

Second Hand Breakfast!

  • April 10, 2021

Once my slave was naked I hand over a hood, Put it on, you’re going to be wearing this throughout the session. Except when eating your breakfast which has been brewing nicely for you but until I’m ready to deliver it to you I’m going to attach these!! Clamping the nipple clamps with weighted buckets attached to his nipples and with my small leather paddle I begin his nipple torture . Tapping the buckets with the paddle his cock begins to grow. My you do like that don’t you? Releasing the clamps I pinch his nipples with my fingers. Tender aren’t they? laughing as I move my paddle down to his cock and balls.

Get on your knees and worship my boots!

Again applying the strap as and when needed until my boots were sufficiently cleaned.

Stop what you’re doing and spread your knees so my boot can play ball with your balls hahaha

All fun and games before I allow you the privilege of eating my shit. Get over to my bench and get yourself on position for my cat o nine tails .

Flogging his balls, cheeks and cock I taunt him about what’s coming next. I hope you’re ready slave because my shit’s ready. Unstrapping him. The bondage board and toilet box are all ready for him along with my riding crop and electrics. Cuffing him to the bondage board I then attach the e-stim and set it at a low setting to begin with upping the tempo as and when I see fit.

I knew my shit was going to be a huge one, I hadn’t been for days. My sub had also requested I force him to consume it all. 😈 Before I position myself over the toilet box I bring the riding crop down onto his balls then I turn up the e-stim his mouth opens automatically. With my hand over his mouth I push my shit to the back of his throat he’s very lucky as it’s a very stodgy sloppy one. Bringing the crop down onto his balls again he yells opening his mouth again, another load lands straight in his mouth. Swallow that once you’ve eaten it all you can wash it down with my piss and your very own spunk!

He did as he was told and consumed the lot all washed down with his own cream. Licking his lips he thanked me .

See you soon for more delicious desserts 😈😈

Enforced Hard Sports

  • June 14, 2020

Toilet boy arrived this morning, early morning breakfast with light beverage
We had a discussion previous to the session, how my toilet wanted to push its limits with the Scat play
Usually having my shit smeared all over his body, today he wanted to be forced to eat it
Remembering the last time it tried, it wasn’t successful, it wasn’t tied tight enough, well today he’s not getting a choice, enforced consumption is a privilege, one I will bestow upon my shit eater today
I’m going to use ropes today potty mouth and my bondage board, you’ll not be able to move your body, if you move your head in the toilet box I will simply pick it up and make you eat it ,
Tying its wrists and thumbs before it lies on the bondage board
Securely bound, I ask it to try and move, I can’t miss 😂😂 I love it when my plans come together
Head in box
I walk around him while I smoke a cigarette, telling it
There’s no escape now,
I might start with your beverage, but we will see what comes first
Crouching over its face, I feel a piss coming, open potty mouth
Swallow my piss
Moving it’s head in the box the piss is spilling over its face
Are you ready for breakfast shitty mouth? Open wide breakfast shall be served
Looking down into the box
Your moving your head again,
Pushing my bottom further down over its mouth, I lean forward and squeeze its nipples as I’m doing this it opens its mouth, another piece of shit lands on its lips open,
He’s refusing, I can’t miss, I can’t
I’ll have to encourage you lighting a cigarette I lightly touch his nipple with it and with the other hand I get a piece of shit albeit the tiniest piece and push it into this shit eaters mouth ,, Eat it ,, Swallow it, It’s only the size of a Malteser
Placing my hand over its mouth he swallows it
Now I want you to shit yourself

Hard Sports – what’s the attraction?

  • May 13, 2018

Hard Sports – Scat – what’s the attraction?

Many subs have told Me that they believe Hard Sports to be the ultimate in humiliation and degradation. I don’t agree with that assertion. Is doing Hard Sports with Me in private more humiliating than being made to walk around your neighbourhood in broad daylight wearing nothing more than pink high heels and frilly panties? Probably not.

Although Hard Sports can indeed be humiliating and degrading, the attraction is somewhat more complex than that. The main attraction is one of separation; the difference in status between the giver and the receiver. I am superior to you. Eating My Kaviar is a tacit acceptance (by both of us) of My absolute superiority over you.

Enforced Hard Sports

Some subs find the idea of being subjected to Hard Sports to be objectionable. Repulsive even, yet they want to be forced to do it. Why? Because it is a formidable form of TPE (Total Power Exchange). It absolutely reinforces the gap in status between us, and is a strong exhibitor of who is in charge. I am!

Understand this though: if you have requested Enforced Hard Sports, I WILL enforce it. From the moment you are firmly secured into place, there will be no going back. Should it be necessary, I will subject you to the most agonising torture to make it happen. No amount of begging, pleading or screaming will help. I am the only person who will hear your anguished screams, and I enjoy them! I am sexually sadistic, and therefore turned on by your pain, degradation and subjugation. Be careful what you wish for! Enforced Hard Sports means exactly that.

Huddersfield Mistress V – Intelligent Domination

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