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A highly addictive Mistress – a Testimonial

  • December 30, 2022

I like to be made to do hard sports, but only with a Mistress who genuinely enjoys it and isn’t only doing it for the money. For a while now I’ve been seeking a hardsports aficionado; someone who loves doing it. I spent a while looking at Mistress V’s tweets and the blogs and pages of her website and Eureka! On several occasions, Mistress V has said that of all the things she does, hard sports is her favourite. Furthermore, she has no difficulty enforcing it if that is what the client requests.

So I made an appointment with Mistress V, asking for enforced hard sports and being her human toilet paper, with punishment for failing to clean Mistress perfectly.

The stunningly beautiful Mistress V was ready for me when I arrived. After a thorough and very professional pre-session discussion, I was tied VERY thoroughly and securely to a body board with my head under Mistress’s toilet chair. Mistress V walked slowly and purposefully towards the toilet chair, having collected a variety of painful looking implements to use on me to make me consume her waste, should enforcement be necessary. Indeed, enforcement was very necessary. Mistress V had already made it crystal clear that because I had asked for enforced hard sports, once I was tied into place there would be no going back. It probably took half an hour, using a combination of ‘encouragement’ and severe pain, for me to consume it all. It was then washed down with what i thought would be a never ending stream of Mistress’s pee. Mistress laughed as I quickly guzzled it down.

The next part was for me to use my tongue to clean Mistress V; to be her human toilet paper. It had already been made clear to me that if I wanted to be her living toilet paper, the consequences of not cleaning her properly would be severe. I decided to take the risk and I thought I’d done a good job, but after I’d finished my cleaning task, Mistress checked herself with toilet paper and found I’d missed a bit.

I was told to clean myself up then tied to the spanking bench and given a flogging to warm me up then a severe caning. Well I’d been warned and I will make sure to do a better job next time!

What a fantastic session! Mistress V has everything. She is searingly beautiful, an expert Mistress and highly intelligent; a perfect combination for a perfect session.

If you want hard sports – enforced or otherwise – Mistress V is the Mistress for you. And if you don’t want hard sports – something mild perhaps – Mistress V is still the Mistress for you.

Those of you who have not had a session with Mistress V do not know what you are missing. Beware though! Mistress V is highly addictive. I guarantee you’ll never want to session with anyone else.

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