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My regular human toilet

  • October 6, 2022

My human toilet arrived eagerly wanting to consume my waste . Once he’d undressed I order him through . Lie on the floor on your back , Ive been saving my waste for you , ive got at least 3 days loads ready to deliver directly into your disgusting potty mouth . Open its ready ! Once my poop 💩 was out he caught it in his hands and began to devour it , sucking and chewing every bit , it was very impressive to witness this hungry pile of shit on the floor forcing my 💩 down it’s throat . Playing with it as if it were putty , smearing and covering it self from the head down with what shit there was left . Ordering it shower before we move on to the bull whip and the cane , it did say it wanted his stripes to last at least a week so it could show of at club quest in leeds , it was very happy with the end result . Not as happy as me obviously .

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