Testimonial from a slave

  • April 26, 2019

I asked Mistress V for a combination of very secure bondage, pain and humiliation and wow, did I get it!

To start with, I was attached to the whipping bench with copious amounts of cling film around my body and legs, rendering me unable to move. Mistress warmed me with her hand, followed by a flogger, easing me into subspace, then giving me a hard caning.

Mistress then took me with her strapon, verbally abusing me while giving me hard thrusts, leaving me in no doubt about who is in charge!

I was released from the bench and my wrists were attached to a hoist near the ceiling. Mistress ordered me to open my mouth, then brought her beautiful face right next to mine and spat into my mouth. She then attached pegs to my nipples and whipped them off with a bull whip. This was repeated several times, and Mistress spat into my mouth each time she attached the pegs. Mistress then whipped my chest and back quite hard. My cock was whipped too. I was deep in subspace and enjoyed every second of the whipping. Her spit is the sweetest nectar imaginable.

Mistress then attached her E-stim electrics to my cock and kept spitting into my mouth and verbally abusing me until the electrics brought me to the most powerful climax I’ve ever had.

Thank you Mistress V. I can’t wait to come back

slave x

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