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  • April 20, 2019

I first met Mistress V 2 years ago. Living in Nottingham, a session with Mistress V takes up around 6 – 8 hours including travelling time, but after my first session with her, I realised that for as long as Mistress V is a professional Mistress, I won’t session with anyone else. I used to session with different Mistresses, but Mistress V’s dedication to providing a supremely enjoyable session is second to none, and the best I’ve ever encountered. And a major benefit of having sessions with the same Mistress is that as you get to know each other, the sessions become even more refined and more enjoyable.

With impact play, Mistress V is always careful to ease me into subspace to maximise the enjoyment, although for anyone requesting more severe punishment, such as cold canings, judicial, etc., she is perfectly of delivering and enjoying it.

Mistress V has plenty of tools for nipple torture and CBT, including clamps, electrics, needles, etc., and being able to face her and admire her striking beauty while she tortures me is the most heavenly experience ever. Mistress V has the most exquisitely beautiful face and ravishingly sensual body. She moves in a provocatively seductive way that keeps me turned on, so I thoroughly enjoy the pain and crave more humiliation from her.

Mistress V is a real expert in needle play. She has given me a crown of thorns and covered my genitals in needles without leaving a single mark after the needles were removed. I love the glint in her sexy blue eyes as she pushes the needles in. Mistress V loves her vocation!

Mistress V always uses either a strapon on me or her electric fvcking machine – sometimes both – while telling me what a slut I am. As if I didn’t know 😉

I always ask Mistress V to trample me in her sharpest heels. She is able to walk on me causing just the right amount of pain, yet always safely.

Mistress V knows I love water sports, and often gives me a glass of her fresh pee to drink even before the session starts. So kind!

I never wanted to do Hard Sports before but I’ve come to want to do it for Mistress V. I’m not ready for it yet but she will know when I am. And this is one of the wonderful things about Mistress V: she knows exactly how much you can take that safewords are, in my experience, totally unnecessary with her.

If you want the finest, most perfect BDSM and fetish experience, have a session with the inimitable Mistress V

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