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  • June 25, 2019

Firstly!! I’d like to say a big thank you to all my new and old subs/slaves for taking the time out to write testimonials and also for sessioning with me, I love every session as they are not all the same; every one is unique to your specification and needs!

When Steph met Paula

Paula is a newbie whore of mine, she made arrangements telling me how she’d like her session to go a couple of days before, make up, wig, etc. Paula is a TV slut. Dressed in a black PVC dress and thigh high boots and stockings, my she looked the part; two hours of pure anal filth. While Paula was getting ready, my phone pinged. Steph, another little whore of mine was texting to see if I could fit her in today, I couldn’t believe it, texting straight back I told her to come 10 minutes before her session. Steph didn’t know I had somebody with me; I just said I had a surprise for her, she’s been on my case to get her somebody to suck off for ages, time to spice up this session!!

After I’d put Paula through her sucking skills and bum skills it was nearly time for Steph to arrive, Paula knew what was happening of course, very excited she stood waiting for Steph.

Once Steph was in my chambers, I told her to hurry and get changed immediately as I had something waiting in the playroom; her eyes lit up!!

2 minutes later Steph was crawling into the main room; time to break the ice bitches!!

“Get your mouth around Paula’s cock and start sucking!”

They were loving every second of it!

“Let’s go into the sissy room girls I want to watch you have a 69”

They were getting on great, tongues all over each other; I found this highly amusing.

“Go on, suck it you dirty little sluts. I want to see you drink each other’s spunk!!”

They didn’t let me down; they sucked and sucked until they were drained of every bit of spunk. Paula was a very happy slut as she managed to drink more than Steph, but this is something they can work on, I say ‘they’ because they will be meeting again for more fun and games, can’t wait for the next session!!


James arrived on Wednesday at the agreed time, he has visited my establishment prior to this session so I knew his likes and dislikes and after a brief chat James undressed and waited to be called; once James was in front of me he was hooked!!

“I’m going to tie you and torture your nipples, I have some new nipple clamps with little buckets that are attached to them perfect to pee into them to add more weight if needed. Poppers too.”

“Yes mistress with a mask of course.”

“I’ll get my new mask, I’ll attach my piss bottle to it, you can have the pleasure of my aroma as well as the poppers!!!”

Encasing him into the the body bag zipping up to the nipples, leaving myself room for some more nipple torture (needles) another of my favourite activities, once James had enough of the mask I thought it would be nice of me to let him have the pleasure of worshiping my beautiful body, before we move onto the electrics!!! James was in heaven! Mistress V heaven; if you’ve not experienced it yet, you need to be like James, keep coming back.

Sunday photo shoot

After a fantastic week, I ended it with a brilliant photo and filming shoot!! Lots of outdoor pics in my spacious private gardens and indoor photos and videos too. Strict head mistress shots plus many more which have now been uploaded here. Go on, have a browse!!!

I’ve also been busy clearing out the downstairs space as I have another large room which is going to be my bondage room! Been ordering lots of equipment which should be here in around 6 weeks!! Keep your eye out for my blog.

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