Total Power Exchange Session

  • April 5, 2019

Tuesday morning and I’ve got a total power exchange session with j very soon!!

After the initial morning chat I told j to undress.

“Once you’re naked I want you in my play space.”

“yes miss.”

On entering the room I tied him, binding him in rope, then I applied pegs to his nipples just to judge his pain threshold. I then put a fabric hood on him which has a blindfold on the inside; he couldn’t see a thing hehe 😉

Poppers!! Letting him smell it under each nostril, and after a few seconds he’s mine!!!

“I’m going to Fvck you nice and slow at first, digging deep before I thrust my cock hard and fast up your well lubed arse.”

Mmm he liked the thought of my cock deep inside him! I always start anal play with gloved fingers, well lubed of course. After the 3rd finger he was well and truly gagging to be fvcked.

“Spread your legs, perv!”

Because he’d douchd before his arrival, I could get my cock all the way deep inside, long hard thrusts faster and faster until he could take no more.

“Now time for your spanking!”

Taking my cock from his arse, I removed my skirt, and he noticed my tattoo.

“Oh I like tht miss.”

“Who told you to look? Now get that slutty arse back in the air!”

Slap slap slap after 20 and a nice red bottom I moved on to my tawse.

“Brace yourself!!”

Swoosh swoosh down came the tawse. Keeping my pace up I gave him at least 30 hard strokes with the tawse then I move on to my favourite leather strap!!

“I’m now going to put you in my vac bed.”

“Brilliant I’ve been dying to go in one.”

“Get In I’ll zip you up!”

He was in there comfortably for 15 mins. Once out of the vac bed we went into the medical room for some electric fun!!

While j was all hooked up to my e-stim, I sat on his face! Breathplay while being shocked is fantastic!!

“Sniff my fvcking arse!!!”

He did as told … sniff sniff…

Until next time j xxx

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