When Andrea meet Danni

  • August 7, 2022

What a fantastic day I had with my two sluts , never have they met before which makes it even more exciting .
Andrea all ready and locked in my tall standing cage , gagged and blindfolded I didn’t want her to see Danni not until I was ready .
Danni called me from the bathroom to help her into her straight jacket dress , my she did look hot with hood and high heels , andrea is going to love sticking her cock in dannis mouth . Leading danni into the playroom she’s now blindfolded neither of them need to see one another just yet . What an atmosphere in the playroom , both very excited for what’s next . removing andrea’s blindfold I release her form the cage . Doesn’t Danni look magnificent? She agrees with a nod .
Are you ready to suck cock danni ? She’s more than ready , I position her so that she’s able to be comfortable while sucking andrea of . Sliding her cock into the mouth piece her cock fits perfect , with a slap on the arse I order danni to suck , They are both loving it she’s never had a real cock in her mouth before but I can tell she’s loving every second , leaving them to enjoy the moment I prepare my strapon for dannis treat a good hard fucking but not while andrea is still here , I order her to get dressed and leave , she has served her purpose lol . Time to spread dannis arse open wide . Absolutely fantastic session , Danni I know we can go further with your need to take real cock . See you soon x

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