A fantastic day for new clients

  • August 2, 2022

What a fantastic day it’s been for new clients , my first slave arrived, after our pre-session chat I could see he was beginning to relax .
Ordering to get undressed and return to me on his knees pointing at my shoes ,clean them with your tongue I want my soles shining if i’m not happy with your efforts I will dig those sharp heels into your balls , Understand! He nods, yes mistress . With that I order him over the fucking bench , tapping my chin with my long fingers nails “I say which cock shall I use ? “ Decisions , decisions . Picking up my virgin cock I put on the strapon while lubing his man pussy . After inserting a couple of fingers he was ready and willing to take any , 3 different sized ones all fit perfectly into its hole .I then unstrap him , get in the other room on your knees and wait .
Waiting on all fours he’s ready for sounds and electrics , I love to use my sounds while the estim is attached to the cock , watching it dance to the sounds sliding in and out of its cock , he was in his glory as he watched me slide one after another , it wasn’t long before he was begging to cum , increasing the power he soon erupted, turning the estim off I order him to clean it up , he did as he was told before running to the toilet 🤣🤣 he will be back to drink it next time 😈

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