Worth travelling a very long way for – a Testimonial

  • October 5, 2022

I flew from Spain specifically to session with Mistress V. Yes there are Mistresses in Spain. There are Mistresses in other parts of Europe that would have been easier and cheaper to get to. But as some of Mistress V’s other clients have said, a perfect session is worth travelling for.

Before I go any further, let me say that I will be back ASAP!

I chose Mistress V partly because of her website, partly because of her blogs, partly because of her client testimonials, partly because of her tweets but mainly because of her obvious intellect and emotional intelligence. She clearly has a very high IQ and for me, intelligence is the most important attribute of a Mistress. It is the high level of intelligence and perception that allows the Mistress to get right inside your head and manipulate you at will and because I enjoy TPE, I only session with Mistresses who have the intellect and percipience to have total control of me yet still play safely.

In spite of my high level of experience, we did things I’ve never done before, and never even thought of doing. Such is the power and control wielded by the very best Mistress I’ve ever had a session with.

I see why Mistress V’s other clients wax lyrical about her. She is beautiful; so erotically charged that she buzzes; powerful; dominant; supremely skilled. Perfection personified.

Yes I have to travel a long way, but I’ve already booked another session.

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