2 sessions with my new pup

  • September 2, 2022

Had two fantastic sessions this week with a new pup .
First session . Upon entering my chambers at the agreed time , my pup looked nervous as we had our presession chat , it soon relaxes once the conversation begins . So you want to be my pup ? it nods in agreement . First I want to start some puppy training , I will need you to beg give your paw and fetch ! if I want a reply from you , you will bark once for yes and twice for know , with that I throw a toy fetch it back and beg , doing as ordered it brings back the toy , patting him on his dog hood I tell it what an obedient puppy he is . Rolling over for its tummy tickling .
I order my pup to it’s feet and begin to weave my web with my rope restraining him . Let’s see puppy wag it’s tail , it does as it’s order , Now get over my bench I want you to sniff my arse , doggies love to sniff arses laughing as I put my gloves on and lube my hand , let’s see if doggie likes anal 😈 my pup has a very tight hole so it was just finger play lol . I then move onto my bull whip as my pup does like impact play . Which I love , swishing my whips in the air before the make contact . Crack ! the sound is music to my ears . Once he could take no more I attach the estim to this now sloppering puppy only having it on a low setting . He’s still trying to wag his tail for his owner , turning it up a little now and again , It’s thirsty work for my pup so I kindly give him a drink pissing straight into the dog bowl , Lap it up! and leave nothing in the bowl or you’ll be going back over my bench , of course there was nothing left . Throughly enjoyed my pet play session , he will be back for more training soon 😈

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