An egg in the hand is worth 2 in the tush – a testimonial

  • September 4, 2022

Mistress opened the door of the camber door looking like a model in wet look leather dress and killer high heels. sat had pre-chat about the session the instructed slip into my new sissy outfit then the session started with a couple of photos for a Twitter page then told to bend over the bench strap down dress was pulled up panties and petticoat pull down my arse time warm up with slaps them mistress started her toy collection on my arse flogging, paddle, cane, whipped until red raw then came rubber gloved fingers up my bum slipping 1 then 2 then 3rd . then mistress untied me then put her new hood on me then told me to hold the lid off her mistress V new sissy drink jar when mistress filled it jar with first fresh hot golden nature then recrewed lid and made drink all up then slipped 2 blindfolds over my eyes and rezipped hood mouth shut then mistress clamped new wight balls made swing them back and forth until she was happy. then came to her new clothes pegs attached my ball sack the total number of pegs was twenty-four.
then mistress V started to whip them off. Then drink break lying on my back uncovered mouth ready to revied mistress second dose of amber nectar then heel worship. Then ordered to medical bench ready to receive warm soppy enema up my bum clean me out ready for next section then matched back bench reshaped down and mistress slipped but pug to stretch my hoe ready to slip 2 cream eggs up me inside a condom then unhook me and me walk around doing squats to melt the eggs then back bench and mistress pulled the hot melting eggs out my arse plop on floor mistress made eat to smashed eggs out of the condom then mistress gives a nice sissy jar of her piss to wash sticky chocolate down.

thank you, mistress V,
pin cushion

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